Meeting GuideLines

These are advisory and may vary on time, meet or location. Generally at meets please note:

  • Our group is Free to join as is attending most of our meets.
  • Money may be required to cover any Location, Entry, Activity, Travel Costs.
  • If a charity event please make at least a tiny donation.
  • Who gets invited to a meet and how it is publicised is up to the Host's.
  • Less than 30 attendants generally to a meet as it is a manageable group amount.
  • Events and Meets may list additional guidelines or variation of ones mentioned here at host’s discretion. Always read events connected web pages.
  • To Avoid Swearing or keep it to a minimal amount.
  • No Smoking preferably within 15 feet radius of the larger group gathering.
  • No Prop Fighting preferred.
  • Not to Aim Props at persons or use a person as a Shield.
  • No Fights with or near water / food.
  • Dress code is Cosplay / Casual, Avoid anything too revealing.
  • Venues may require food and drink be brought from site to cover costs.
  • Venues may wish all devices PAT Tested. Ask venue owners before you plug in.
  • Various age groups will be present at locations and events. Behave appropriately.
  • No Alcohol should be brought along.
  • Music is to be played at a sensible volume.
  • If you are early arriving inform the hosts. Offer to help setup if needed.
  • If place is messy on arrival, please tidy what you can. Keep Britain Tidy.
  • A Map of our group meet locations can be found here. Some locations link to a second map to show nearby parking, toilets, shopping or other utilities near that location.
  • Meets are held during the daylight hours of the evening. Check Our Upcoming events of Facebook, Plan a meet Calendar
  • We are happy to promote other groups and cosplay events in neighboring counties.
Emergency Numbers
  • Crime Stoppers: 0800 555 111
  • Hospital: 111 or 01604 634700
  • Police: 101 or 03000 111 222
  • Fire: 999 or 01604 797000
  • If Hazardous materials found please inform local Park Rangers/Neighbourhood Wardens by phone: 0300 330 7000 or Report It. Webpage. Move group away from area and if possible close off the area as well.
  • First Aiders May Not Be Present. If you are a qualified First Aider make the hosts aware. If required dial 111 (If people are collapsing, losing limbs dial 999)
  • Host’s Contact Info: See event page or call them through messager.
  • Main Group Owner Contact Info: email: NhantsCosplayUK@gmail.com or 07854 070746
  • Basic Rules

    Some actions could endanger people, trust and future meet opportunities. Sometimes issues can be resolved. But to try and avoid issues or incidents occurring we ask attendees to please:

    • Be Respectful of Others in meet area users and property owners.
    • Don’t Hug or Glomp people without their consent.
    • Don’t Fight or intentionally harm others.
    • Not bring anything illegal.
    • Not bring realistic weapon props.
    • Not Load Nerf or BB guns with Ammo.
    • Check All Props must meet current large U.K. cosplay event prop regulations.
    • Check Prop is No bigger than 1 meter in any direction or collapses to a carry size.
    • Not Bring Drugs to be brought or taken at meets (Make Host aware of any required medical prescription for self use before meeting).
    • Don’t Intimidate others or be a nuisance to passers by.
    • Have No Dramatic scenes with Friends, Ex’s or Old Rivals.
    • Do Not Arrive Drunk or act in a Antisocial manner.
    • Don’t be a Bully or use intimidating or threatening words.
    • Provide Your Own Carers if you require one. The carer and you will be responsible for each other.
    • Not be a Paedophile or Sexually Groom persons.
    • Leave meet place tidy and in good condition for future meets.
    • Place Litter to be into bins or taken home.
    • Discourage Vandalism.
    • Put Chewing Gum & Fags disposed of into bins.
    • Don’t wander off or leave a meet without tell people.
    • Be 13+ years of age. So you would have seen media material rated of 12A http://www.bbfc.co.uk/what-classification/12a-and-12.
    • Observe We are not a child day care alternative.
    • Look out for Members and Property be touched by uninvited persons.
    • Ensure Left behind items are to be handed to Hosts. So owner can collect at a future meet.
    • Beware if the group endures additional costs due to damages or actions of group member/s . The persons involved will likely be banned from the group.
    • Beware any talking back with attitude at when you have already been asked to leave a meet will result in being banned from future meets.
    • Note a “No Grudge Meet” may occur once a year. It would be advertised on as a larger scale meet to attract new faces, but banned
    • persons might attend for redemption.
    • Have fun.
    • Most of all be Excellent to each other and party on dudes
    Genral Advice

    Thoughts to bear in mind which can apply both inside and outside meet events.

    • Remember to bring photo I.D.
    • Make sure you have all belongings before leaving an area.
    • Beware of all Ceilings, Floors and Furniture when moving(e.g. don’t make prop shaped holes).
    • Take suitable footwear you don’t mind getting dirty.
    • Wash! , Being nervous and wearing black you will sweat. Have a good shower and perfume everything. So body odor has lesser chance ruining peoples fun.
    • Be polite, Ask before taken photos, expect the odd photo invasion.
    • Photo size is best minimum of 2048 x 1152. Preset ISO as having it set to Auto or to high may result in various image size results. Beware sharing on sites like facebook will also reduce the image size.
    • Take photos of both solo and groups as when you see people and when they are willing.
    • If someone is too much of a nuisance in every photo, ask them nicely to stop.
    • If Hosting your first event. It a good idea to communicate with the local Council, Police and nearby Venue Owners, Practically if no cosplay event has occurred there recently. Let them know the place, dates and time. Then if passerby thinks the props are real weapons and reports to the police they should maybe send like 2 officers to check instead of 5 cars.
    • Being in Cosplay is no reason to be sexual harrised or bullied by others. Indeed no one should put up such treatment. No matter how Immature, important or expert someone appears to be. If that someone treats you in away that makes you feel worthless or at risk of being hurt or kidnapped. Make Event organisers, Friends, Random persons aware. Have someone ask them to stop. Get somewhere you feel safe. If they are touching or hurt in a way not appreciated, Shout out. Cause a scene. Have someone involve the police 101. Cosplay is Not Consent, I Cosplay Anti-Bullying, A Member's Story
    • Unsure about something?, Something not working? Ask first. Make sure you ask someone who knows. Don’t keep throwing money and hoping it will work.
    • Chairs & Tables are not designed for standing on or leaning against.
    • Practice the countryside code.
    • Look both ways before crossing a road.
    Suggested Host Kit
    • Mobile Phone (near fully charged)
    • Know the area a little.
    • Picnic Blanket/s
    • Music
    • Bin Bags
    • Carrier Bag/s for Shopping
    • Contact Numbers
    • Know what the weather may do beforehand.
    Suggested Host Kit (Advanced)
    • 2 liter or more water bottle/ Other soft drinks
    • Snack foods (e.g. Pocky)
    • Plastic cups
    • Plasters
    • Tissues
    • Wipes
    • Cool bag / box
    • Outdoor / Social interaction Games
    • Camera / Phone with selfie stick
    • Advertisement Group / Cosplayers Cards
    • Dust Pan / Ashtray
    • Small Brush
    • Gloves
    • Rain Cover
    What are these words?


    Cosplay is the result of words ‘Costume’ and Role-Play’ being combined. While dressing up in fantasy clothes and fictional characters has been a thing for centuries, The term ‘cosplay’ was coined in japan in 1984. The word was quickly adopted in the west.

    Manga / Anime:

    Produced in Japan. Manga is kind of like a comic which is often read right-left. Anime is an Animation often based on a Manga. Be warned it is Not all child friendly. In Japan Animation targets all age groups, then a lot which is redistributed in the west has images of gore, nudity and violence, horror. But there are some great anime which kids could enjoy too. Like ‘My Neighbor Totoro’.


    Sub is short of Subtitled Movie in another language, Dub short for Dubbed in when voice actors have recorded over the foreign language sound. Allowing people to understand the story in their own language.

    Cherry Blossom / Sakura Tree:

    A cherry blossom (or commonly known in Japan as sakura) is the flower. considered the national flower of Japan. "Hanami" is the centuries-old practice of picnicking under a blooming sakura or ume tree. The flowers bloom in late March to early April. Many members are fans of Japanese Culture we will also generally picnic by such a tree at the time of year.


    A snack food from Japan has a lot of product placement in anime. It is chocolate on a biscuit stick. Kind of like ‘Mikado’. However pocky is available in a much larger amount of flavours and has been most anime fans preferred snack for half a century.

    What is that flower above?:

    The flower in the Nhantscosplay.org.uk logo is a ‘cowslip’. Northamptonshire’s county flower.

    person in cosplay person in cosplay person in cosplay Person in cosplay